Los Altos Dentist – John B. McBirney, DDS

Our mission is to provide family and cosmetic dental care using state of the art techniques and equipment through a non-aggressive and conservative treatment philosophy. Our professional staff is committed to providing the best dental care possible, and to do so in a comfortable and caring manner. We will make every effort to ensure that your experience is a pleasant one.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Altos, Dr. McBirney’s practice is within easy walking distance of many of the interesting shops and restaurants of downtown Los Altos. When you come in for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by our kind and thoughtful staff and given the highest level of service for your dental needs.

Our office is committed to the prevention of dental problems and the preservation of your natural smile for a lifetime. With modern preventive techniques and your cooperation, this goal can be achieved.

Applying technology to improve the quality of the dental experience is an important aspect of many dental treatments. In our office, we utilize a variety of advanced dental technology, including:

  • Advanced cosmetic solutions. Tooth whitening, the newest generation of tooth-colored fillings, veneers and crowns help make your smile whiter, brighter and more youthful. There is a solution to any problem with tooth color, alignment or shape.
  • Single-visit CEREC tooth-colored crowns and fillings. CAD computer system builds natural, long-lasting restorations in minutes. No rubber molds, no temporary crowns, no second appointment needed. And less tooth preparation than with conventional caps.
  • No-Drill Dentistry. A tiny stream of high-pressure air with a fine abrasive powder (the same stuff that’s in toothpaste) removes stain and decay, usually with no need for numbing. This process allows sealing many cavities with no removal of healthy tooth, compared to the old way using a drill and silver fillings.
  • Laser cavity detector. 90% accuracy compared to 50% accuracy of x-rays and dental picks. Find and seal cavities before they require conventional drilling and filling.